helps customers to optimize their packaging solution,
from package design to mass production

PODIUM is a Photonics Assembly Consortium, co-funded by PhotonDelta, consisting of four organizations that provide full support in photonic packaging solutions.

PODIUM consists of the following members

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About us

What we offer

PODIUM offers packaging and process development and optimization in passive and active optical alignment. A route to full mass production is offered through either matching OEM equipment or equivalent OSAT production services.

We provide access to a low-entry and low-cost platform that enables companies to develop photonic assembly processes, such as optical fiber termination to photonic ICs, including the industrialization steps. This process development will be done on a platform that also enables volume production, thus providing a ‘one-stop shop’ from process development all the way to production.


Speed up development and production

By combining the knowledge, expertise and current solutions of both CITC (process development), Etteplan (OEM), PI (key module supplier) and PHIX (OSAT), we approach the challenge from all sides. This approach gives us maximum flexibility and secures both the quality of the solution and the means to mass produce the process solutions that are developed with sufficient quality and volumes. 

PODIUM: a consortium to speed up development and production for low cost and high-volume photonics assembly.


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